Are Crowns Dental Implants?

Confused about whether you need a crown or a dental implant? Many patients confuse the two terms and for good reason. They’re closely related to one another but with a few important differences. Dental implants involve the implantation of titanium posts into the empty socket where a tooth has been lost or extracted. These posts act as roots upon which prosthetic teeth, or crowns, are then placed. Crowns may also act as caps for teeth that have been drilled and cleaned. They help to protect the sensitive nerves inside the tooth and to prevent re-infection. If you think you may need implants or dental crowns in Shelburne, Shelburne Village Dental can help.

More About Dental Implants in Shelburne

Your dentist may recommend a dental implant if your entire tooth is compromised and can’t be saved. Usually, this happens as a result of advanced tooth decay or trauma. Dental implants replace whole teeth, and they offer several advantages:

Dental implants are rooted to your jawbone through the implanted post. This means you don’t have to take them in and out for cleaning or sleeping.

While dental implants are sound solutions for replacing missing or extracted teeth, the whole procedure, from beginning to end, can take several months and repeated visits to your dentist. It may also be a more costly option for restoring your smile.

More About Dental Crowns in Shelburne

Dental crowns, conversely, refer to just the prosthetic material that mimics the natural tooth. A dental crown may be part of your dental implant procedure, but more often it’s a stand-alone option for repairing damaged teeth.

To place a crown, your dentist will prepare the damaged tooth by drilling into the cavity and removing the infection. They may then file off a portion of the enamel to allow the crown to fit naturally over it. Once in place, dental crowns look just like natural teeth, but they offer other benefits as well:

  • They alleviate painful toothaches.
  • They protect the repaired tooth from re-infection.
  • They function just like your natural tooth.
  • They can strengthen a cracked or damaged tooth.
  • They may act as anchors for bridges.
  • They can hide teeth that are misshapen or unsightly.

When used to repair teeth that still have the roots intact, a dental crown procedure can take as little as one hour. It may require only a single visit to your dentist to ease your painful toothache and to return your smile to its dazzling best.

How Shelburne Village Dental Can Help

If you’re interested in learning more about dental implants or dental crowns in Shelburne, you can trust the friendly professionals at Shelburne Village Dental to steer you in the right direction. Our practice is family-oriented, with you as our top concern. You’ll have a good experience when you stop by to see us, and we’re confident that after scheduling your first consultation, you’ll choose Shelburne Village Dental for life. Call today to begin your smile restoration.

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