Tips on Caring for Dental Implants

Dental implants are a popular choice for those who are missing teeth. They offer a number of benefits, including improved appearance and dental health, and better oral function. However, they don’t take care of themselves. If you have dental implants, it is important to care for them properly in order to ensure their longevity. In this blog post, we will discuss some tips on caring for your dental implants so that you can enjoy good oral health for years to come!

Tip #1: Use a Soft Nylon Brush Twice a Day

You may need to switch toothbrushes after receiving dental implants.  A regular toothbrush with medium or hard bristles can actually scratch your new smile, which can lead to problems down the line. Instead, opt for a soft nylon brush, which will be gentle on your implants while still getting rid of plaque and bacteria. Be sure to brush at least twice a day, or after every meal if possible.

Tip #2: Floss Daily

Flossing is just as important for those with dental implants as it is for those with natural teeth. In fact, it may be even more important, as implants are more susceptible to plaque buildup. Be sure to floss at least once a day using an interdental brush or floss threader. These devices can help you get to those hard-to-reach areas around your implants.

Tip #3: Watch What You Eat

Just like your natural teeth, your dental implants can be damaged by certain foods and drinks. Avoid chewing on hard objects, such as ice or hard candy, as this can damage your implants. Also, be careful with foods that are acidic or sticky, as they can cause tooth decay. If you are unsure about whether or not a food is safe for your implants, be sure to ask your dentist.

Tip #4: Avoid Smoking and Alcohol

Smoking and alcohol can both damage your dental implants. This is especially true within the first few days or so after you receive your implants, as they are extra sensitive during this time. However, since it can take months for dental implants to fully heal, it is best to avoid these habits altogether. If you do smoke or drink alcohol, be sure to brush your teeth afterwards to remove any harmful substances.

Tip #5: Visit Your Dentist Regularly

No more postponing or skipping dentist appointments entirely! Another important tip for caring for your dental implants is to visit your dentist regularly. Your dentist will be able to check for any problems with your implants and make sure that they are still in good condition. If they do happen to find an issue, then they can treat it right away before it becomes a bigger problem. Be sure to schedule an appointment every six months for a cleaning and check-up, or as recommended by your dentist.

The Bottom Line

Caring for dental implants is important if you want to enjoy good oral health for years to come. Be sure to use a soft nylon brush, floss daily, and watch what you eat. You should also avoid smoking and alcohol, and visit your dentist regularly. By following these tips, you can help ensure that your dental implants last for a long time!

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