What Is the Recovery Time Like for Dental Implants in Shelburne?

Before getting a dental implant for the first time, it’s good to ask your dentist all the questions you have so you can feel comfortable about the forthcoming procedure. Those who need dental implants in Shelburne often have one question more pressing than all others: How long does it take to recover from a tooth implant?

Below, we’ll answer this question and others related to dental implants. First, let’s explore what a dental implant is.

What Is a Dental Implant?

Dental implants are essentially prosthetic teeth that your dentist can place in your gum line in exchange for a real tooth that either came out or was removed.

Tooth implants are attached with a titanium post insert that fits in your jawbone. Over the post, your dentist can use a full or partial denture, a crown, or a bridge to make the implant look just like your real teeth.

Recovery From a Tooth Implant

The majority of patients can return to work and most normal activities within a few days after their final implant procedure. However, full recovery may take several weeks and will depend on several factors:

Whether you need a tooth extraction

Some patients will require a tooth extraction when they have a tooth that needs replacing but it’s still in their mouth and in a state of decay. If you require a tooth extraction before the implant is placed, your recovery period may be longer than it would be for another patient who doesn’t need their tooth removed.

Whether you need bone grafting

Likewise, some patients will require bone grafting before their implant can be placed. This generally happens when the bone surrounding the tooth that needs to be replaced is not healthy enough to support an implant. Before your implant is scheduled, your dentist will examine your teeth and jawbone and let you know if bone grafting will be required. If it is, you’ll need to recover from this procedure before beginning the actual tooth implant procedure, which will ultimately length your recovery time.

How many teeth you need to replace with implants

If you plan on having more than one tooth exchanged for implants, the recovery period will naturally be longer as well.

Your overall health and lifestyle

Patients who are younger and healthier may heal faster than older patients or those in poorer health. Lifestyle choices also make a difference. If you care for the procedure site(s) and implant(s) well, you’ll have a much easier recovery period than if you avoid following your dentist’s aftercare directions.

How to Ensure a Healthy Recovery From Dental Implants

Here are some things that you can do to make sure your new implant heals nicely:

  • Follow all aftercare directions provided by your dentist.
  • Eat soft foods and/or a liquid diet for at least the first week.
  • Avoid crunchy, tough foods.
  • Don’t smoke or drink alcohol.
  • Don’t use straws.
  • Take it easy for the first few weeks. Don’t strain yourself physically.
  • Have patience. Recovery times may vary.

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